What is Life Coaching?

Another way – your way – one way

That’s what it’s all about in Life Coaching and this is my goal – to support you on your way!
Life Coaching can change your life. Life Coaching is about your future!
My Life Coaching is based on your very own Natural Personality and your personal Core Needs. This is your foundation and the base for our coaching.

What really matters in life, who am I really, why am I experiencing the same challenges again and again, am I still with me or have I lost myself & strayed from my actual path?

The world spins faster and faster. Demands, expectations, pressure and stress are increasing immensely. Technology and Social Media seem to dominate our lives non-stop. It is not surprising that we no longer find the time and leisure to pause, to find ourselves and to keep track of things. More and more subjects occupy us – some cannot be processed, new ones are added. An increasing overload for our brain… It’s time to pause, to breathe deeply, to collect ourselves and to reconnect! 

Why not talk to a qualified, independent and empathic Life Coach to get support and inspiration and to develop solutions and new perspectives together!?
I support you in everyday questions and life topics. When you are stuck and looking for new perspectives. When you experience recurring challenges. When you are looking for clarity and wonder who you really are, what you want from life and how you can live a fulfilled life. When you are on the verge of a change – professionally as well as privately. I encourage you to develop awareness, assist you to discover your own solution and provide you with strategies for different situations in life.

As wide and complex life is, so different are humans, their lives, personal goals and reasons for coaching. Life Coaching can help you with (but is not limited to):

  • getting an understanding for yourselves and who you are
  • develop awareness for your Core Needs
  • readjusting your life and create a life you love
  • finding your life purpose or achieving a specific goal
  • building up self-esteem and self-confidence 
  • supporting the process of a career or tree change 
  • coping with conflicts and stress due to changing conditions
  • increasing own independence and breaking free from the tribe
  • developing a more mindful way of living
  • improving the relationships with other people
  • relationship issues, job crisis, moving interstate, financial problems, etc.

You have the curiosity to find out what else is out there for you? You’d like to expand your comfort zone and work to your strength and explore other opportunities. 
Have a look at the next step “How I coach”.

 How I coach & how Life Coaching works?

My coaching is empathetic and supportive, without any judgement and not confronting.
I coach according to the Hart Life Coaching method and well-founded, developed and proven methods.
My coaching is based on your Natural Personality and your personal Core Needs.

The process of coaching is building on information gained at each session, until you achieve the outcome you desire. The sessions building up on each other and will lead us. We do this step by step and breaking things up into manageable steps. I guide you through the sessions with questions, talks, give you strategies and little exercises to support you to understand yourself and to develop awareness. Awareness for your Core Needs, your repeating challenges, obstacles and what you need to do to achieve a specific goal or create a life you love. Further, I assist you to discover your own solution and provide you with strategies for different situations in life. 

Life Coaching is not synonymous with deep psychological analyses. Rather it is a concentrated conversation with psychological approaches. It is about thinking and reflecting together about your current life and your future. It is about personal development. Together we develop strategies and solutions. Together we work out perspectives and new ways you might can’t find by yourself in the everyday Bermuda triangle of “office – supermarket – couch”. Together we look ahead. “Don’t look back as that is not where you’ll be heading”!

I conscientiously prepare each session before and after, you usually get an email from me with a summary of the discussed session, some information for you to read and reflect on. And as a preview of the next session I give you some simple and interesting homework.

Each Coaching session takes 45-50 minutes. The first initial contact and chat is free of charge. Then we start with a “first assessment coaching session” and go from there.
I assure you that I will treat our coaching strictly confidential. I offer Coaching via Skype and phone worldwide in English and German, and also coach face to face in the local area.

If I have piqued your interest, feel free to contact me for a short, free initial consultation and have a further look under “How we start & sessions”. Together we will look “where you stand”, what your coaching occasion is and how I can help you. After this short talk we can arrange the next steps and coaching appointments.

Please be aware: A Life Coach is not a Therapist, Psychologist or Counsellor. Life Coaching focuses on your personal growth, strength and development, it’s a journey of self-knowledge, it’s about awareness and mindfulness. The coach is not responsible for achieving the client’s personal goal. The client takes full responsibility for creating their own results and about their own path.

 How we start & sessions

Initial contact – free 30 min.
The first step into a sustainable working relationship is always an initial contact talk. This is provided entirely without charge, and usually takes 15 minutes. Typically, this takes place via phone call. During this dialogue, I get a an idea about your current life situation, your motivation to contact me and your expectations. I then summarise your current situation, we clarify if I am suitable to work with you and clarify the general framework conditions. Those points and further information are important to get a realistic first impression of each other in order to determine if and how a possible cooperation could look like. If a mutual working relationship makes sense, it leads to an appointment for our first session.

First Coaching Session & Assessment – 50 min. AUD 75,00 (incl. follow-up email with more info)
Before our first Coaching Session & Assessment, I will send you an email with a first quiz and a few questions that you need to send back to me before our session. The first session serves to build on the information already exchanged and to deepen it in a conversation about your Archetypes and Natural Personality. Furthermore, we discuss your coaching goal, how we organise the sessions, how many are planned and how to find out when the goals are reached. After these and any further questions are clarified, the next stage of the process can begin.

All follow-up Coaching Sessions – 50 min. AUD 95,00 (incl. follow-up email with more info)
From experience and for the first step I recommend between 6 to 8 sessions, but this varies depending on each case and issue.

 My personal story, tree & career change

I’ve always been the type of person who believes and experienced myself that a single moment in time can change a person’s life
and that the key is to keep being focussed but in a relaxed way.

At this point in my life I can look back and see myself, I am exactly where I am supposed to be and everything in the last 20 years lead to this point and I understand today that every role I had, every job I’ve taken, all the travel and destinations, all the people I’ve met along my way, all lows and highs – everything I’ve gone through were teachable moments and have had a point. And, there have been a number of books, conversations and encounters that have just been real game changers for me in terms of my life-puzzle. All inspired me to live a life I love and taught me to go for it.

Career change
I went through a bigger tree and career change personally and I experienced myself how important it can be for your life to follow your dreams, intuition and heart. 20 years ago I’ve chosen a career path as a Marketing & PR Manager with all that comes with it. 15 years ago for the first time I had this idea to change my career but wasn’t brave enough. I thought I would be too old – at the age of 30… Life taught me different. It took a while to figure out and to navigate but today I totally understand what suits me and my Natural Personality.

Tree change
A few years ago my husband and I moved from Germany to Australia. We call Western Australia now our home, living in a wonderful area. We have travelled Australia several times before. Over the years I’ve developed a deeper understanding for this culture, the people and nature as well as the concept of starting from scratch in a new country, which a lot of my clients find really helpful when we talk. For me, the outdoors and nature of this open wide country give me the feeling of freedom – inner and outer. And freedom is such an important, tricky and interesting term nowadays. Our feelings and instinct are so buried and covered, we enslave and bind ourselves with everything possible and are so driven and bounded by the tribe. And then, when something doesn’t feel right anymore, we feel confused and insecure and it is often difficult for us to reconnect and rebalance. But, therefore our striving for individuality and awareness of who we are is so important, especially in times of overflow – overflow of possibilities, shows, posts, pictures and follower. After all, everyone has their own unique personality, which has to be recognized, understood and valued. 

 Education & Training

Education & Training
I’ve always been interested in human behaviour and its characters and I’ve always had this intense curiosity about this thing called life and how it works. A lot of people came to me over the last 20 years, looking for someone to talk to, to get advice or inspiration, for help, support, an opinion or a chat and someone who is really listening and is neutral and independent. I’ve indirectly coached people this way for personal development and in job/career development. And, I always had this feeling about how rewarding and humbling it can be to listen and to support people.

2017 I got the opportunity to take the next step into Life Coaching to support others and that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing and wanted to do for such a long time. I was trained by the highly experienced Life Coach, speaker and author Anne Hartley at the Hart Life Coaching Institute in Sydney/Australia. Here I achieved the nationally recognized Certificate IV and the international Certificate in Life Coaching. I coach according to the Hart Life Coaching method and well-founded developed and proven methods. It’s based on your Natural Personality and your personal Core Needs.

My Coaching focus
My passion is to support people in different situations and stages in their life, to share my knowledge and to help them to create a life that they really love and that suits them. I like to inspire and support people to live their life to their best. I’m here for you with a fresh open mind, highly qualified and motivated, empathetic, independent, dedicated and well educated through life in general as well as a Coach. Of course, I am qualified and there for you throughout different phases of your life. Due to my personal experience and interests, I have developed the following areas in particular:

  • Strive for a tree change – in life and work
  • Plan an international future or already live abroad 
  • Considering a life in Australia or are already living here, especially young women between the age of 20 and 40
  • Young people that like to figure out what the right career path could be – matching the Natural Personality
  • Keen to break more free from the tribe
  • Wondering if you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) and what this term is all about

Let’s figure out what your unique Essential Nature is, what your Core Needs are and what do you need to live a balanced and fulfilled life – your life!
Time is precious! Do something for yourself!
Let’s start with a free first assessment.

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