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About me

KORE Therapy and Bowen Therapy. Two treatment forms – one goal: Make you feel better!

But let’s start a few years earlier. I worked for 23 years in a fast paced work environment in the automobile & aerospace industry as Team Manager. 2013 I’ve decided to change my job role step by step to follow my passion. “Working with and to understand the human body.”

First of all, I started courses in Thai Massage Therapy in Germany, Spain and Thailand. But this was just the beginning.
Furthermore, I got in contact with the amazing KORE Therapy from the U.K.. When I’ve received my first KORE treatment by Dr. John Brazier in 2014 I was simply flashed. Subsequently I enrolled to study KORE as well.
Finally, after my wife and I have moved to Australia, I’ve studied Bowen Therapy Certificate IV.

In conclusion, I am here for you with a “backpack full of new and classic body treatment forms”, I like to share with you to get you to where you like to be – balanced and feeling good. 

M. Quinlivan & K. Hedrick

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