KORE Therapy & Bowen Therapy - Therapeutic Thai Massage

About me

KORE Therapy and Bowen Therapy. Two treatment forms – one goal: Make you feel better!

But let’s start a few years before. I worked 23 years in a fast paced work environment in the automobile & aerospace industry as team manager. I decided to change my job role step by step to follow my passion. “Working with and to understand the human body.”

First of all, I started courses in Thai Massage Therapy in Germany and Spain. But this was just the start.
Furthermore, I got in contact with the amazing KORE Therapy when I received a KORE treatment and was simply flashed. Subsequently I enrolled to study KORE.
Finally, after we have moved to Australia, I’ve studied Certificate 4 in Bowen Therapy.

In conclusion, I am here for you with a “backpack full of new and classic body treatment forms”, I like to share with you to get you to where you like to be – balanced and feeling good. 

M. Quinlivan & K. Hedrick

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